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I live in Egypt and love being able to knit your wonderful patterns. My granddaughter also loves her knitted sweaters! I am a pensioner and with the problems in this country, my knitting helps me cope with the fighting in the streets here. Bless you for making this site :)
-- Khadija B.
I really just want to say thank you for this site. On a dreary winter day in NY I go to my e-Patterns site and spend time browsing through patterns and getting excited about starting a new project. It really cheers me up to shop here and the site is so easy to use and to get patterns from. I have stopped buying patterns from the stores because this is so much better. Thanks again for the work put into this site.
-- Maureen S.
-- Donna L.
I've worked many of the patterns you've presented, but my favorite is still the gingham doll. She is so sweet and I'm working on some more right now. Just finished the cross-stitch firetruck and it's terrific. Love your patterns! Keep up the good work!
-- Linda M.
I love your company. Shopping this way is convenient and fast. I have recommended your site to my friends and relatives. You rock!
-- Alice H.
I love your products. Some of the color combos are awesome. The prices are also very reasonable.
-- Barbara F.

I like your ideas, and the patterns are easy to follow.
-- Mary M.
Love printing the patterns on the computer !! Ready to start a project...don't have to wait for the snail mail. Thanks!
-- Jane A.
Love your e-patterns! Now I don't have to buy the whole book - I only download the pattern I like! I'm just a happy camper, crafting away!!! :)
-- Charlene C.
I really like - especially "my bookshelf" :) It's so easy to look at the patterns I've purchased!
-- Anne O.
Hello, I just downloaded two patterns and it was so simple! Thank you for the pleasure and simple process this involved.
-- Delight C.
Your online e-Patterns are absolutely wonderful! Technology is great - fast, convenient and the price is so reasonable!
-- Carol C.
I just love the patterns I've downloaded and am looking forward to hours of crocheting!
-- Mary K.
I love your e-patterns!
-- Mary M.
This is the first time I have ordered from your company and I have really enjoyed the three downloaded patterns I have ordered. Fantastic!
-- Julia W.