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Easter Scarf

Company Name:  HipChickCroche
Designer Name:  Dana Sullivan-Giglio
Home State:  New York
Design Specialty:  Crochet

1 How did you first get introduced to your craft?

By watching my grandmother as a young girl.

2 What type of patterns do you enjoy designing the most?

Hats for babies and children, and whimsical, fun purses and backpacks.

3 What are you most known for?

My cute designs and easy-to-understand instructions.

4How do you jump-start your creativity?

By looking at nature, magazines and suggestions from customers.

5 What season inspires you the most?

I'm most inspired by fall and start thinking of new designs mostly during the summer.

6On average, how many new patterns do you design each year?

My best guess would be three to four patterns a year. I've temporarily stopped taking custom orders to dedicate my time to designing new patterns.

77)Is there another craft you’d like to try your hand at?

I tried my hand at knitting so I could write knitting patterns for all my current crochet patterns, but I can't seem to master knit vs. purl!

8 What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

That all depends on the weather! If it's warm and sunny, I spend time outdoors. If it's cold or raining, I often can be found crocheting, reading or playing board games with my family.

9 What three items do you always have in your craft bag?

My crochet bag always contains a stitch counter, a stitch marker and a measureing tape. Besides my hooks and yarns, I find these three tools invaluable!