Tie Dye Diva

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Company Name:  Tie Dye Diva
Designer Name:  Jen Hagedorn
Home State:  California
Design Specialty:  Easy sewing patterns for babies and children

1 How did you first get introduced to your craft?

When a friend and I could not find what we liked for our children among ready-to-wear, we began designing our own patterns.

2 What type of patterns do you enjoy designing the most?

I recently designed my first plush toy for babies and really loved it!

3 What are you most known for?

Iím known for easy-to-sew patterns for babies and children.

4 How do you jump-start your creativity?

I love people-watching. I like to see what real babies and kids are wearing, using and playing with, and think about how that could be made out of fabric.

5 What season inspires you the most?

Spring is so inspiring -- the season of new beginnings and bright colors.

6 On average, how many new patterns do you design each year?

I create 10 to 12 patterns each year.

7 Is there another craft youíd like to try your hand at?

Iíd love to design fabric.

8 What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Spending time with my husband and three children. Of course, I donít mind if my afternoon includes a little sewing time, too!

9 What three items do you always have in your craft bag?

Good scissors, fabric store coupons and bandages!