Tammy Hildebrand

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Company Name:  Tammy Hildebrand
Designer Name:  Tammy Hildebrand
Home State:  North Carolina
Design Specialty:  I wouldn't really say I have a specialty. I've done it all at some point or another!

1 How did you first get introduced to your craft?

I learned to crochet from my second grade teacher.

2 What type of patterns do you enjoy designing the most?

Lacy motifs joined as you go for both garments and afghans.

3 What are you most known for?

I'd probably have to say crocheting with my feet. Everyone seems to have heard that story!

4 How do you jump-start your creativity?

I find inspiration in everything, and nothing at all. I can see afghans in bathroom floor designs, color schemes in nature or a sweater based on a pattern from a manís tie.

5 What season inspires you the most?

I love autumn with the pumpkins and leaves. The colors are awesome.

6 On average, how many new patterns do you design each year?

I really have no idea. Enough that I have never had time to count how many there are! I design non-stop.

7 Is there another craft you'd like to try your hand at?

I've dabbled with brick carving. I would love to explore that further.

8 What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Church with my family, out to lunch and then family time. We recently painted our dining room table with each of my daughters, my husband and myself painting a section with anything we wanted for a Sunday afternoon activity.

9 What three items do you always have in your craft bag?

Tape measure, paper and pen to write the pattern as I create it and sharp scissors.