Knit 1, Purl 2 in Crochet

Technique - Crochet

By using a unique stitching method with a regular crochet hook, designer Bendy Carter teaches how to crochet many knitted looks. Simpy combine knit and purl stitches in crochet to create wonderful knit-like fabrics with bobbles, textural patterns, ribbing, and cables. Bendy takes you through the basic method and stitches and then creates combinations in stitch patterns that you can use to emulate knitwear. There are 12 fabulous patterns using some of these combinations, including a handbag, a cabled sweater and afghan, a lace and two-tone scarf, and a simple hot pad, to name a few. Crochet has never looked so knitted! This method and these stitches will greatly expand anyone's crochet repertoire.

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate What's this?

Download Size: 82 page(s)

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