Crib & Toddler Bed Sheets

Technique - Sewing

Make your own fitted crib/toddler bed sheet as well as a flat sheet for toddler beds. The flat sheet is fitted on the "foot" end so that you don't have to worry about it coming untucked. For toddlers who are learning how to make their own beds, it helps make it very easy for them to handle. Make sheets to match any room or decor! You can make them with multiple types of fabrics. This pattern is designed to use regular width fabrics (44"/45"W) as well as wider fabrics. In the tutorial, there are fabric ideas as well as money saving ideas to make these sheets for cheap or free! Fleece crib sheets are wonderful for babies. Not only is fleece a soft and cuddly fabric, but it also wicks away moisture from baby's face. You can say goodbye to baby cheek rashes by using this crib sheet pattern to make fleece sheets.

Size: Fits all standard crib mattresses (approximately 27"W x 51"/52"L x 5"/6"D.

Skill Level: Beginner What's this?

Download Size: 9 page(s)

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