Lilly Baby Mary Janes

Technique - Sewing

Lilly Baby Mary Janes are exquisite little felt booties that are designed in the style of Mary Jane shoes. However, they look more like ballerina flats, as they have two straps that crisscross to buckle. These precious baby booties are lovely presents for anyone, as they may be used as a decorative or collector's piece. Because these baby booties use felt as their main fabric, they are inexpensive to make and have a unique, ornamental feel to them. Lilly Baby Mary Janes are especially suitable for indoor wear, as their exterior soles are made of nonskid material and will prevent slipping on uncarpeted floors.

Size: Includes baby shoe sizes 1 through 5.

Skill Level: Easy What's this?

Download Size: 14 page(s)

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