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Free Preview: 101 Creative Crochet Solutions & Innovations
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Debra Arch
101 Creative Crochet Solutions & Innovations
Debra Arch, Instructor

Learn more than 100 crochet fixes, new techniques and innovative tools that you can use in your everyday crocheting with instructor and designer Debra Arch!


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Do you love learning new twists on old techniques? Do you get a kick out of discovering a new tool or gadget that makes your crocheting faster, easier and more fun? Do you enjoy recycling household items to save money and keep your crocheting stash organized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are going to love this class!

Crochet instructor and designer Debra Arch is passionate about learning and sharing creative solutions and innovations to make crocheting even more enjoyable and interesting. In this class, Debra explores well over 100 tips, techniques, tools and solutions that will answer your common questions and problems. She'll share with you her favorite tools, and even provide you with new ways to work several longtime favorite crochet techniques.

In this video class you'll learn how to:
  • Color-balance your projects perfectly with a handy tool or fabric swatches.
  • Make no-hassle bobbins that won't pull out.
  • Crochet broomstick lace with a lightweight tool found in every kitchen.
  • Turn a single pattern into a larger or smaller version of the same project.
  • Crochet without yarn using recycled plastic bags, fabric strips and more.
  • Add a looped, fluffy faux-fur stitch to accent projects.
  • Crochet alphabet letters with an all-new technique called Infinity Crochet.
  • Recycle and reorganize to save time and money.
  • See which cool tools will make your crocheting hobby easier and more fun!
Class includes complete instructions to make seven exclusive projects for practicing the many amazing tips and techniques taught in this class: Linked Loops Sunburst, Poppin' Polka Dots Afghan, In a Jiffy Neck Warmer, Cutie Pie Kitties, Topsy-Turvy Basket, Reusable Cleaning Pad and Infinity Crochet Alphabet & Pillowcase.

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New Twists on Old ...
New Twists on Old ...
New Twists on Old ...
Supersize Your Crochet
Crocheting Without Yarn
Crocheting Without a Hook
Fluffy Faux-Fur Technique
Infinity Crochet
Recycle & Reorganize
Cool Tools
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