Customer comments

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This is just the best site ever. Found the perfect pattern for a competition and it was downloaded instantly (what a pleasure not waiting for the post!). Every day I get patterns that are available. Will always use this site. Thank you.
-- Dawn V.
I am very pleased with this site. It's VERY hard to keep from buying so many items, so it's a few at a time. I have a three ring binder getting full, fast. Thanks so much.
-- Dianne
I guess I missed the memo! I kept looking at the same pattern for over a week - debating how long it would take to arrive in the mail. I finally decided that I was going to order it, and MUCH to my surprise it came IMMEDIATELY and I could download it!! I was ELATED! I have now added you to my MOST favorites! I plan to use your site monthly! Thank you so much for being so accessible!!
-- Sylvia
Just found this site. Love it! So convenient, and easy! Thank you!
-- Nancy F.
Just wanted to tell you that I love the site. When you send me the pattern for the day I can add it to the cart and then save it for later and then purchase several at a time. I find that when you send me cute patterns in my craft, I spend way too much, but I just can't help myself! Have gotten a lot of projects from you for the holidays. Thanks so much! Keep it up!
-- Shirley H.
I enjoy your patterns and am happy to be able to see the latest patterns and be able to print them immediately and start the project within the hour.
-- Betty J.
I was so pleased with the idea of looking for items I would like to create. Then I selected them, paid for them, and I very quickly was able to download them and print ALL of them. This is such a pleasure to deal with and to not have to wait for them to be delivered in the mail. Now I shall pick up my crochet hook and decide which project to start with first. The decision as to what to work on first is a BIG decision. I thank all of you at e-PatternsCentral for the 18 new projects I now have to work on!
-- Ri A.
I would love to say "Thank You" for such a creative site. I come here just about every day to look, sometimes to buy. I'm inspired with the beauty of it all. Thanks!
-- Thirza S.
What a site! Great patterns right at your fingertips and organized very well. It was also very easy to access them. I only hope you keep adding new patterns.
-- Andrea W.
I just LOVE the ease with which your e-patterns download, and to have the patterns immediately is such a bonus. Thanks!
-- Gail A.
Congratulations on a beautiful web site.
-- Charito G.
I love quilting and patchwork and I began doing this two years ago. It is wonderful to see the ideas you present every day. Thanks a lot.
-- Marilia C.
I just love your site. I have made so many things and am very pleased with everything. Thank you so much.
-- Julia
I love this website! What fun to get your patterns right away. AND, thank you so much for the bookshelf - I went to a new computer and worried about the patterns I'd left behind - and there they were, all together!
-- Jean C.
I have made the Special Stitches Reader's Wrap several times and love it! If you make it out of variegated yarn, you must use solid for the collar and the pockets because of the different stitch. The perfect project for watching T.V.
-- Martha S.