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Cute Quilting Patterns for Baby!

One of the oldest folk art styles around, quilting is a treasured hobby. A well-made quilt can become a family heirloom, and beautiful bright blocks of color are a great way to commemorate the birth of a child. If you're looking for inspiration to make a gift for the newest addition in your life, check out our baby quilt patterns.

Are you just learning? One of our baby quilt patterns would be an excellent beginner-quilting project. They're smaller than full-size quilts and take a lot less time to complete. You'll find success using our baby quilt patterns and be the hit of the baby shower with your beautiful handmade gift.

From beginner to expert, we've got the baby quilt patterns you need to keep busy stitching. Take a look around at our baby quilt patterns and try not to be too overwhelmed by their cuteness. Trust us -- it's hard!