Customer comments

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I just want to say thank you for creating this site. I have been doing special little crafts with my 3 beautiful grandchildren for years and have been going crazy trying to keep new and fresh ideas. Your site makes it easy. My 5-year-old grand daughter asks how I keep getting so meany ideas, and I tell her I don't know I just do! Haha! So once again thank you for this site.
-- Latrell R.
Absolutely Wonderful. So easy to manipulate this site. THANK YOU.
-- Beverly D.
I have been using Annie's patterns for at least 30 years and love every single one I have crocheted. Every one in my family has an afghan, as do my friends. Other patterns for baby clothes, shawls and scarves are wonderful gifts to give -- all joyfully received. Love making the slippers and half-mitts.
Thank you Annie's...for years of great patterns and everything else!
-- Ritamarie H.
I would just like to say that it is wonderful and easy to use your site, which makes life so much easier.
Thank you!
-- Jackie L.
I just love it that you have added the info box that shows if I have already purchased a particular pattern! It sure will save me time from looking back each time you have a great sale to see if I already have the pattern in my bookshelf. I have purchased so many patterns that it is hard to remember sometimes which ones I have purchased! Thanks again!
-- Helen C.
I'm in love! I've just discovered all the pretty card ideas I can download and make! I will be placing an order shortly.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
-- Kathryn N.
I purchased the chemo hat pattern was very happy with the instant it downloaded. Thought you would be thrilled to know I made 13 just out of stash and scraps. Also added my own personal touches I just love the ease of the pattern. My first thought was to make a few for my sister who has cancer now I will continue to make to make for her friends at cancer center. Thank you again.
-- Connie C.
I wanted you to know that your company's electronic transfers were fast and accurate. I appreciate the wonderful service. Thank you.
-- Patsy S.
Love the easy access to patterns at the press of a button!
-- Carmen E.
I just wanted to thank Annie's for having a Bookshelf section. You don't know how many times having a copy of the patterns I've purchased, in a personalized section on your website, has saved me time and money. I sometimes buy the same pattern twice by mistake but because of the free space provided by Annie's, that no longer happens. Great company! Always a pleasure doing business with you!
-- Debbie H.
I love all the ideas on my most favorite hobby in the whole wide world, and I especially want to thank you all for giving your customers access to any of your projects, day or night -- if I want to start a new project, now it's just a finger tip away to enjoy lots of hours of entertainment on all kinds of projects! So I want to again give you lots of thanks for being there for me. A very happy customer!!
-- Dora C.
I absolutely LOVE this website! I have even recommended it as a model of excellence and wonderful convenience to several other sites I visit. NOBODY does it better than Annie's e-PatternsCentral. Many, many thanks!
-- J S.
Just too easy!! I love this site. I look, I get inspiration, I choose, I pay, I download, and I get up and go to the sewing room!
Thank you!
-- Penny M.
Thank you so much for providing such a hassle-free service to your customers. It is very much appreciated from across the pond in Jersey in the UK. I am so happy I can get immediate response and download so many beautiful knitting, crochet, quilting and garment patterns from you now.
-- Maureen P.
Thank you for sending my request so fast. It was just what I wanted -- thank you, thank you, yhank you!
-- Sherman K.