Children & Baby Patterns

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Adorable Sewing Patterns for Kids & Babies!

Oh, my. Filled to the brim with "awww" inducing items, our collection of sewing patterns for babies and children is almost too much! If you're looking for a sewing pattern for children, you will find lots of sewing projects to inspire you.

What is it about sewing patterns for kids that make them so cute and fun to make? Maybe it's the size, maybe it's the colors or maybe it's the cute little faces that will light up when they receive their special gifts you made just for them. Whatever it is, you'll love making these sewing patterns for babies and children. We've got sewing patterns for kids that include ideas for hats, bibs, booties, baby blankets and more.

No matter your skill level, we've got a kids sewing pattern that will inspire you to sew. Look around and get started!