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What is e-PatternsCentral?
It is the world's newest, best online source for Web-deliverable patterns in crochet, quilting, knitting, plastic canvas, tatting, cross-stitch, sewing and crafts. You can get the patterns you want, when you want them -- any time of day or night.

You get top-quality patterns immediately upon ordering -- downloaded directly to your computer at your convenience, all at the click of a mouse. No back orders, no postage or handling charges, no waiting. Just purchase, download and create!

What is an e-Pattern?
An e-Pattern contains the same high-quality photos, material lists and instructions that you've come to expect from a printed pattern, except you can get it instantly over the Internet. Once it's on your computer, you can easily zoom in on the instructions and graphs for easy viewing. Your e-Patterns will never expire, so you can access them on your computer as long as you want.

Plus, you can store all your e-Patterns on your computer and build your e-Pattern collection without filling up filing cabinets, closets or storage bins! Each e-Pattern is about 100k up to several MB for books and magazines, all formatted as Adobe® Reader® PDF format. If you want, you can also download the e-Patterns to an external storage device and Adobe® Reader® will access them from there.

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