Handbag Patterns

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Purse & Handbag Sewing Patterns for Every Style!

Every woman knows that the contents of a well-stocked handbag can save the day, but it's the outside that really counts! If you're looking for purse designs or handbag sewing patterns, you're in the right spot! You'll find purse and handbag patterns in all shapes and sizes at Annie's digital.

You can tell a lot about a woman by the type of handbag she carries. Why not show off your own handmade style with one of our purse sewing patterns? We have patterns for bags to carry beach towels; handbag sewing patterns that will help you carry farmer's market veggies; or cute and easy purse sewing patterns small enough for some coins and lip gloss. Whether you like to carry a lot or a little, we have purse sewing patterns for your every need.

Explore our collection of purse and handbag sewing patterns. Sewing is a fun craft and we've got lots of easy sewing patterns to help you learn how to sew. You're sure to find just the thing to help you carry your stuff in style!