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Company Name:  Creative Designs by sheila
Designer Name:  Sheila Zachariae
Home State:  Nebraksa
Design Specialty:  Women's Crochet/Knit Accessories and Baby Knitwear

1 How did you first get introduced to your craft?

I've been a crafter all my life. My mother taught me and we have shared this joy all our lives.

2 What type of patterns do you enjoy designing the most?

Women's accessories -- they always fit, no matter what your size. Also, all things baby -- so sweet and small -- are my favorites.

3 What are you most known for?

I'm best-known for my scarves and neckwear for women, as well as baby blankets.

4 How do you jump-start your creativity?

Any place I see color gets me excited! From paint chips to jewelry to nature.

5 What season inspires you the most?

Fall and winter have THE most inspirational colors for me.

6 On average, how many new patterns do you design each year?

I aim to design at least 10 or more items a year.

7 Is there another craft you'd like to try your hand at?

Spinning is an art form I'd love to get busy learning.

8 What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

As I am Greek, so cooking a big Greek dinner on Sunday is something I grew up with. I continue that wonderful tradition with my own family.

9 What three items do you always have in your craft bag?

I always have a small knit or crochet project in my bag as I fear being stuck somewhere without my obsession! A blank journal is another must for jotting down designs and inspirations, and an extra pair of reading glasses.