Two-by-Two Crochet 2 Colors; 2 Rows

Two-by-Two Crochet 2 Colors; 2 Rows


Technique - Crochet

Discover Two-by-Two Crochet where two colors of yarn are crocheted into textured stitches using only a 2 row/round repeat. Each pattern in the book begins with a setup row to get the pattern started, then you simply work the 2-row/round repeat over and over. The main sections of all projects are created holding 2 different color stands of yarn together throughout. When working the single-color textured stitches, one color will be dropped to the back of the work until the last step, then both yarns will be used to finish the stitch. Includes instructions for 8 projects: 2 afghans, 1 baby afghan, an ear warmer, a lady's cap in 2 sizes, a reversible kid's cap in 5 sizes, a scarf and an amazing ruana.

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