Customer comments

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I love the e-patterns that I have just down loaded. I can't wait to make them. This is such a quick and efficient way to buy patterns. Thank You! Sandra F., Australia
-- Sandra F.
I do like the fact that you can log on and find your patterns on the Book Shelf. I thought I had lost them when I lost the information on my external thumb drive. Now if only I could store everything in my home the same way! LOL
-- Migdalia P.
I was so glad to be able to start on gifts using your e-patterns since I misplaced my old book of do it yourself projects. I think you should label patterns clearly if they do not contain the item pictured because I thought I was buying a child's kimono jacket pattern and instead was just getting cutouts to glue on the pattern. Otherwise a great site!
-- June B.
Just wanted to let you know that I love your site! :)
-- Jackie K.
So glad you have this site. Just finished a design from a book I've been using since 2002 and the book is pretty mangled. Looked on another site for a replacement but they wanted $35.00 for a used hard copy. Found you through Google and had my book back in minutes for $5.99 ... thanks much.
-- Michele R.
The downloads are so convenient, especially since I run a prayer shawl ministry and would like to see more of them. Thanks.
-- Joyce T.
I love the new beret, but I am still trying to make the last one I ordered. It is beautiful, but either the yarn, the needle or my head is the wrong size, and I'm beginning to think it's my head. Guess I'll go back to making doll clothes. I love your products!
-- Nita O.
I love to be able to shop from home and have it immediately delivered. You have a wonderfully diverse selection and I assure you I will be ordering again soon.
-- Sandra B.
I have been using this site for some time now and I really enjoy purchasing online patterns -- so convenient. Never had any problems and I have done some nice projects.
-- Connie S.
I really like the different patterns that you show. A lot of good ideas.
-- Tracy W.
What an improvement on your site. WONDERFUL! I knit and sew and this site is it for me!
-- Judy S.
Oh, my gosh! I am so very thankful that I ordered patterns from e-PatternsCentral! My hard drive crashed a few weeks ago and I have been just devastated to have lost all the beautiful patterns I have purchased. Then lo and behold I found "My Bookshelf" and discovered copies of everything I have purchased. I am overjoyed to say the least. I just ordered some more today and can't wait to work them up.
-- Leann S.
I love all the patterns you have for crochet, especially the afghans.
-- Alicia H.
I have been crocheting for 10 years and I love this site! I have bought several patterns from here!
-- Tiffani F.
I just printed 2 e-patterns to start my fall projects. How fantastic to have my patterns at my fingertips -- love it!
-- Georgia R.