Customer comments

I love the new beret, but I am still trying to make the last one I ordered. It is beautiful, but either the yarn, the needle or my head is the wrong size, and I'm beginning to think it's my head. Guess I'll go back to making doll clothes. I love your products!
-- Nita O.
I love to be able to shop from home and have it immediately delivered. You have a wonderfully diverse selection and I assure you I will be ordering again soon.
-- Sandra B.
I have been using this site for some time now and I really enjoy purchasing online patterns -- so convenient. Never had any problems and I have done some nice projects.
-- Connie S.
I really like the different patterns that you show. A lot of good ideas.
-- Tracy W.
What an improvement on your site. WONDERFUL! I knit and sew and this site is it for me!
-- Judy S.
Oh, my gosh! I am so very thankful that I ordered patterns from e-PatternsCentral! My hard drive crashed a few weeks ago and I have been just devastated to have lost all the beautiful patterns I have purchased. Then lo and behold I found "My Bookshelf" and discovered copies of everything I have purchased. I am overjoyed to say the least. I just ordered some more today and can't wait to work them up.
-- Leann S.
I love all the patterns you have for crochet, especially the afghans.
-- Alicia H.
I have been crocheting for 10 years and I love this site! I have bought several patterns from here!
-- Tiffani F.
I just printed 2 e-patterns to start my fall projects. How fantastic to have my patterns at my fingertips -- love it!
-- Georgia R.
I love to knit and when I'm finishing a project, I have an "anxiety attack" if I don't have my next project standing by. Being able to download a pattern on ePatternsCentral gives me the "instant gratificaton" that I need. Thank you!
-- Pauline B.
I have been using this site for ages, with no problems. When one did occur, the customer service was prompt and very helpful. Thanks for not only the wonderful patterns, but the terrific customer service reps.
-- Bj M.
I just made my first purchase and everything was so smooth. I appreciate your service. Thank you.
-- Norma N.
I love this site! Just made my first purchase and I'm thrilled with my new patterns! Can't wait to make the baby shoes this weekend (too CUTE) and the purses for myself. I'll definitely be back!
-- Donna C.
I love your downloads! Instant gratification! No more waiting at the mailbox. You can start your project right away.
-- Jan M.
I love your patterns, crafts and knits. Thank you so much for sending me all these wonderful treasures that my friends and family will enjoy.
-- Alicia R.