Customer comments

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I just finished the T-shirt dress with ladybugs. The hat & purse were made too. This little girl is going to be very happy on her birthday. I'm her Great-Grandma. Thank you for the good patterns for these items.
-- Helen G.
I love the online inspiration fix which I get every day and have just passed on information about your wonderful site to Facebook friends in Kuwait and Brisbane and on the Pam Bono site and I am sure you will be hearing from them.
-- Betty E.
I am making the Eyelet & Wavy-Cables Blanket and love the technique of slipping the first stitch of each row purlwise with yarn in front. This method eliminates that large loop that I always had at the end of every row before. I will use it in many more patterns.
-- Carolyn K.
What fun! All sorts of crochet, knit, and cardmaking patterns at reasonable prices. The instant downloads are super, as I live overseas and "snail-mail" is too long to wait for tackling that next project! You have a very dedicated customer here.
-- Jenna
I live in the UK and have just found your fabulous web site and bought a bag pattern and cannot wait to make it. We have nothing like this in the UK and know I will be a regular customer.
-- Dorothy G.
I love the idea of not having to buy an expensive pattern book to get the "one" pattern I want! This is great. I do many crafts, not just knitting, and the choice is wonderful. Thank You!
-- Patti M.
Just wanted to give a big kudos out to the whole staff of this site. I've been away for awhile and now I'm back and love all the changes. Thank you for all the patterns!
-- Robin S.
This is the first time that I've downloaded a purchase and I was afraid that it would be hard but I was wrong. It was so easy. And the patterns I downloaded are exceptional. Thank you
-- Kathleen Z.
I am a senior citizen and not capable of making large quilt items, but I do enjoy making small things such as pot holders, table runners, baby blankets, bibs, purses and so forth. I LOVE your daily selections and that they allow me to pick and choose them and print them immediately. THANK YOU. It is a wonderful pastime for me.
-- Teresa R.
Getting patterns over e-mail is wonderful. I am so glad you started doing this. I save time and money.
-- Faith K.
I'm from South Africa. I'm so very pleased with your quality products - it is so pleasing on the eye and soul. Thank you for your security - it is the only place I buy online without feeling threatened.
-- Marie K.
I just love this website as it is easy to download patterns instead of having it sent to your residence. It costs more to send. I get my patterns right away. Thank You e-Patterns for the crochet and knitting patterns
-- Lorraine G.
I was sooooo happy when I received my Dog Coat Patterns!!!! They look great and I can't wait to start sewing
-- Sheila T.
Got the downloads. Love them. Thank you so much for having these things available for those of us who quilt. They are great. Hope to use more in the future.
-- Betty S.
I think this site is great. I am not able to walk and spend most of my time in bed. This is so cool. Glad you all came up with this. Thanks again.
-- Ginger M.