Customer comments

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So WONDERFUL to have so many patterns to look and choose from. Most wonderful to click, pay and enjoy. Thank You.
-- Sally D.
I adore your service! To have the patterns just download to my computer really helps me. I live almost two hours from the nearest city and 20 miles from town! I only go in about every other month. We have a tiny farm and I write for a living. Anyway, the lifestyle is kicked back and I love to sit on my back porch with a glass of homemade wine and crochet every day...rain or shine. By the time the holidays come around, I just go "shopping" in my craft room from the gifts I have made all year long! This past year, I made hats for everyone and every puppy got a poncho set as well. Those patterns came from your site.
-- J H.
I come to this website for all my crocheting, plastic canvas and more. You have the best patterns and prices. Download is fast with no problems and I love how you keep me up to date on specials. I'm on this website just about everyday and I ENJOY it. I give this site TWO thumbs up. Thanks!
-- Ervinena K.
Very good site!
-- Saso
This is such a perfect way to save space in my very small apartment with my favorite magazines. In addition, my well loved books were replaced with these electronic versions. Thank you so much. It's a wonderful site.
-- Debby G.
I like e-patterns very much.
-- Carolyn D.
I enjoy and love your patterns.
-- Martha H.
What a neat place to find in my e-mail on a cold wintery day. I have my sister-in-law to thank for submitting my name to you. Although it is a little late for me to start projects for Christmas, winter doesn't end there and I've gotten many really fun ideas. Thank you!
-- Kathy W.
I have enjoyed the ablilty to download patterns on my printer, fast and easy, and the end results, when I am finished, look terrific. Keep up the great work.
-- Barbara G.
I love this site. Thank you so much for making these patterns so available to us!
-- Virginia L.
Dear Team -- G'day there from down under. I absolutely love your site and so look forward every day to see just what pattern you might send me. I have taken advantage of the wonderful patterns and have downloaded quite a few now. Please keep your site going and continue to surprise me each day.
-- Glenda L.
I love downloads! I dislike having to pay shipping almost as much as I dislike going from store to store looking for patterns. It is a simple process and instant gratification. Now, if we could all download fabric!
-- Nancy A.
I just became a customer last week and I have downloaded some patterns. It's so cute and I just love to visit this Web site every day.
-- Joana
Simply great and so easy! Thanks a bunch!
-- Ann H.
This is just the best site ever. Found the perfect pattern for a competition and it was downloaded instantly (what a pleasure not waiting for the post!). Every day I get patterns that are available. Will always use this site. Thank you.
-- Dawn V.