Customer comments

I love downloads! I dislike having to pay shipping almost as much as I dislike going from store to store looking for patterns. It is a simple process and instant gratification. Now, if we could all download fabric!
-- Nancy A.
I just became a customer last week and I have downloaded some patterns. It's so cute and I just love to visit this Web site every day.
-- Joana
Simply great and so easy! Thanks a bunch!
-- Ann H.
This is just the best site ever. Found the perfect pattern for a competition and it was downloaded instantly (what a pleasure not waiting for the post!). Every day I get patterns that are available. Will always use this site. Thank you.
-- Dawn V.
I am very pleased with this site. It's VERY hard to keep from buying so many items, so it's a few at a time. I have a three ring binder getting full, fast. Thanks so much.
-- Dianne
I guess I missed the memo! I kept looking at the same pattern for over a week - debating how long it would take to arrive in the mail. I finally decided that I was going to order it, and MUCH to my surprise it came IMMEDIATELY and I could download it!! I was ELATED! I have now added you to my MOST favorites! I plan to use your site monthly! Thank you so much for being so accessible!!
-- Sylvia
Just found this site. Love it! So convenient, and easy! Thank you!
-- Nancy F.
Just wanted to tell you that I love the site. When you send me the pattern for the day I can add it to the cart and then save it for later and then purchase several at a time. I find that when you send me cute patterns in my craft, I spend way too much, but I just can't help myself! Have gotten a lot of projects from you for the holidays. Thanks so much! Keep it up!
-- Shirley H.
I enjoy your patterns and am happy to be able to see the latest patterns and be able to print them immediately and start the project within the hour.
-- Betty J.
I was so pleased with the idea of looking for items I would like to create. Then I selected them, paid for them, and I very quickly was able to download them and print ALL of them. This is such a pleasure to deal with and to not have to wait for them to be delivered in the mail. Now I shall pick up my crochet hook and decide which project to start with first. The decision as to what to work on first is a BIG decision. I thank all of you at e-PatternsCentral for the 18 new projects I now have to work on!
-- Ri A.
I would love to say "Thank You" for such a creative site. I come here just about every day to look, sometimes to buy. I'm inspired with the beauty of it all. Thanks!
-- Thirza S.
What a site! Great patterns right at your fingertips and organized very well. It was also very easy to access them. I only hope you keep adding new patterns.
-- Andrea W.
I just LOVE the ease with which your e-patterns download, and to have the patterns immediately is such a bonus. Thanks!
-- Gail A.
Congratulations on a beautiful web site.
-- Charito G.
I love quilting and patchwork and I began doing this two years ago. It is wonderful to see the ideas you present every day. Thanks a lot.
-- Marilia C.