Customer comments

I just want to say thanks for all the beautiful projects.
-- Martha V.
The ideas I chose are clever and can be modified easily for other styles or applications, so I am very pleased with all my choices. I can use them in more than one way and the price was terrific. I will make the nativity quilt with a different color scheme and another one with a different background just for fun and uniqueness. Thank you.
-- Jean S.
I love this Web site. I call it my pattern store on the computer. I have over 25 patterns on my computer now and have made 12 of them. Thanks and keep them coming!
-- Katrina B.
I am so lucky to have found you. It is the best. I have alpacas in New Zealand and have knitted one stole -- it is beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful patterns.
-- Rosanna W.
Very cute, excellent patterns. Keep it up.
-- Anitha K.
I just love this site. I cannot get good patterns for larger sizes here in the UK and your patterns are simply brilliant. I have made up some lovely garments and can now access the wonderful designs from the USA that I love. Keep up the great work and many thanks
-- Susan F.
Hello -- a couple of days ago I wrote to you to suggest that you consider sorting our downloads alphabetically to make it easier to see what patterns we already had when placing new purchase orders. I just accessed my "My Bookshelf" to check the requirements for an afghan and what a surprise! All my downloads are alphabetically sorted and craft sorted! YOU GUYS ARE JUST FANTASTIC!!! Thank you SO much for adding this feature! No wonder so many people fall in love with your site! Convenience, good price, large selection, AND EXCELLENT Customer Care! I just signed up for a digital subscription of Creative Knitting, on your suggestion. Lots of beautiful projects! Thanks for suggesting it! And thanks for the alphabetical sorting too!
-- Marcia H.
It is like visiting an exposition of beautiful things, which gladens the eyes. I was sad the last couple of weeks and the crocheted things you present, and even the book covers, were setting a wonderful show. Thank you.
-- Mirela C.
I live in Australia and I love your website. I love quilting and knitting and I'm even more excited since you enabled buying and downloading online. I've missed some of your gorgeous knitting patterns in the past because there was no facility to buy for international people. Now there is no way I will miss anything which is wonderful. Great work!
-- Dee
Just downloaded the patterns. This is way cool and so fast. Can't wait to make some of them.
-- Carolyn S.
This has to be the easiest and fastest way I've ever gotten a pattern. Thank you.
-- Sandra H.
Love your patterns.
-- Lilian J.
I love your e-Patterns! They are so easy to use and the instructions are very complete. I look forward to receiving your daily e-mail every day and make all of my Christmas gifts from your patterns. Keep up the wonderful work!
-- Nancy M.
Love the easy-to-follow instructions and the instant delivery. Love shopping in my pj's on a cold night.
-- Linda J.
This new "grab & go" travel project section is amazing in it's eclectic genre! It fits your high standards and is quite diverse. I have been a customer for several months. When I saw patterns I did not have to pay over $10 for, I thought it a profound "pioneering" move on your part; hence, revamping the entire crafting industry. This is fun! Like playing, it is the best deal. I do prefer the individual e-patterns rather than the e-books. I enjoy satisfying my need to "shop"! Everyone needs to try this one-of-a-kind experience. For under $20 I can have such fun, quickly get exactly what I want, downloaded, no problems! Maybe I need to get out more, but not to shop. It is immediate gratification! It is a smart, efficient, cost effective way to get the materials we need from an immense variety of choices. It encourages our creativity to another level. Thank you!
-- Patricia F.