Customer comments

I really like the downloadable quilt patterns as I do not have to wait for the postman. Thank you for making this option available.
-- Lorraine S.
Just wanted to share - I made your pattern "Blue Bargello" into a queen-size bed quilt and won 1st prize at our local quilt show!! I've never entered a show before and was thrilled. I love the quilt. Thanks for the inspiration!
-- Davina M.
I would just like to say a big thank you for the great patterns you have for sale on the your site. I don't have to go to the shops to get patterns anymore.
-- Brian J.
I am home on disability and it is so nice to get patterns online. Keep up the good work!
-- Sandra P.
All my patterns came through this morning. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
-- Dianna S.
I LOVE, LOVE your instant downloads! It's great to shop in the middle of the night and instantly get the patterns and books. NO waiting! I have multiple patterns for quilting, sewing, and knitting. Since I can easily fill my hard-drive with "stuff", I purchased a flash drive for each crafting area I purchased and downloaded my books on these. They are always in my purse so I can reference from any computer at any time. Makes it so easy to plan projects when visiting the kids and grandkids!
-- Robin B.
What an unreal way to get the patterns, PDF! Thanks for providing this method of display. Excellent site!
-- Ali M., West Australia
I love this website, I have downloaded quite a few patterns and have been really pleased with them all.
-- Marlene D.
I just want you all to know that your patterns are GORGEOUS! My mother knitted her whole life and I find that your patterns are graceful and long lasting. I love to shop here now. I am so glad you are available and all your patterns are downloads. Great JOB! Thank You all so much!
-- Janet W.
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful, easy way to order patterns, very user friendly. It's so reasonable.
-- Carol C.
Thank you for always having a bookshelf of my things I buy on here! Half the time I print the pattern off and then it gets lost in some papers somewhere, so it is nice to know I can just print it off again for my use. I really, really, really like your site! Patterns are easy to follow and you offer such a variety its great to shop here! Have a blessed day!
-- Dorene A.
I love the choices to download, they are great. I love the prices too. Keep up the good work folks!!
-- Leona S.
Wonderful website! As a lover of crafts, being able to download an instant pattern is great. I live in New Zealand and love all of your patterns.
-- Joy B.
I just wanted to say how much I value this website. I love the bookshelf facility which is so convenient. I know that I can reprint patterns anytime I have 'worn out' a previous printing. The patterns on this site are just wonderful, and I will keep coming back time and time again. You are all appreciated. :-)
-- Bernadette L.
Hello to you all at E-patterns Central. I have made several lovely items from your brilliant patterns and I wanted you to know the pleasure it has given me. Thank you all, especially the brilliant designers.
-- Ann M.