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Thank you! Thank You!
Last November my computer crashed and I had not backed up ANYTHING. I had purchased many e-patterns, and but didn't print them all, but saved them. As you can imagine, I lost every pattern that I had downloaded. I am so thankful that you keep track, for future use, of all of the patterns that I have ordered, and keep them on my bookshelf for me.
-- Judy A.
Thanks for the great downloads. They are very clear and easy, especially for beginners like me!
-- Sandra D.
I love all of your patterns!
I will say you have the best patterns for cross stitching, too. I've been cross stitching for over 25 years and your patterns are just priceless. Thank you very much for a wonderful site.
-- Susan R.
I love the site and patterns!
-- Marion O.
I love your crocheting products!
-- Savannah J.
I have purchased your patterns and love them all! Thanks
-- Donna G.
I love my downloads! Ever since I discovered I could purchase and download patterns without waiting for them to arrive in the mail (and no shipping charges) I am hooked! Keep them coming!
-- Kathleen V.
We're camping, so I can't download till I get home. I saved my order for later! Love this site.
-- Mary H.
I purchased the pattern and made my version of the Heartland Baby Quilt. It was so much fun to make! I would wake up mornings so eager to work on it. I just love my quilt. Thanks so much for making it available over the 'net and so affordable.
-- Brenda B.
Love your choice of e-patterns. Great website! Thank you.
-- Emilie D.
I can't begin to tell you how surprised I was to use e-PatternsCentral. It is great. I thought the patterns were to be mailed, but what a nice surprise!
-- Barbara B.
Love shopping and viewing with you!
-- Terri
Love it that you leave all of our purchases on the bookshelf!
-- Jane T.
I just completed the bunny purse. I had such a great time making this cute little purse. I do not have any little granddaughters so I am going to give it to a little girl at church. It was a great pattern, and I was able to use scrap yarn. Thank you for the great patterns.
-- Jenny K.
I bought Cabin From Scraps last time you featured it. I recently completed the quilt and I have to say it's lovely. I am so pleased with it. Thank you so very much.
-- Kitty L.