Customer comments

I love your crocheting products!
-- Savannah J.
I have purchased your patterns and love them all! Thanks
-- Donna G.
I love my downloads! Ever since I discovered I could purchase and download patterns without waiting for them to arrive in the mail (and no shipping charges) I am hooked! Keep them coming!
-- Kathleen V.
We're camping, so I can't download till I get home. I saved my order for later! Love this site.
-- Mary H.
I purchased the pattern and made my version of the Heartland Baby Quilt. It was so much fun to make! I would wake up mornings so eager to work on it. I just love my quilt. Thanks so much for making it available over the 'net and so affordable.
-- Brenda B.
Love your choice of e-patterns. Great website! Thank you.
-- Emilie D.
I can't begin to tell you how surprised I was to use e-PatternsCentral. It is great. I thought the patterns were to be mailed, but what a nice surprise!
-- Barbara B.
Love shopping and viewing with you!
-- Terri
Love it that you leave all of our purchases on the bookshelf!
-- Jane T.
I just completed the bunny purse. I had such a great time making this cute little purse. I do not have any little granddaughters so I am going to give it to a little girl at church. It was a great pattern, and I was able to use scrap yarn. Thank you for the great patterns.
-- Jenny K.
I bought Cabin From Scraps last time you featured it. I recently completed the quilt and I have to say it's lovely. I am so pleased with it. Thank you so very much.
-- Kitty L.
Just wanted to say I have been receiving your emails for awhile, and several patterns have captured my attention. I finally got around to ordering them all today.

Your website was easy to use, the checkout and download instructions were very clear. The graphics in the patterns are great. The color pictures are beautiful.

In short, keep up the good work. I will try to keep up my end of the deal and turn out a few new scrappy quilts!

Thanks so much!
-- Susan A.
I love your patterns! Living in Germany, it is both fun and easy to download your patterns, and I save on expensive shipping costs from the States. Thank you!
-- Doris
I have just downloaded your e-book, Keepsake Baby Quilts From Scraps. It's wonderful! Living far from the nearest book or large fabric shop, it is amazing to be able to download books like this and for such a great price! It would cost me 2 or 3 times that price to buy a book like this here, if it was possible. Love your site!
-- Miranda E.
Thanks a lot! It's good to find beautiful patterns like this!
-- Noorsoliman