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Cute Crochet Patterns for Babies & Children

There's nothing sweeter than those cute chubby cheeks smiling up at you. Make your special little cherub a gift from your heart that's expressed with yarn -- a beautiful crochet project! We've got crochet patterns for baby blankets, cute baby booties, hats and many other clothing and accessories for kids and babies. We even have crochet patterns for toys and baby blankets!

Crochet patterns for kids can be a lot of fun to make. Because of their smaller sizes, crocheted children's clothing or baby blankets make for quick projects. If you're just learning, we have many crochet patterns for babies and children that are easy to make. Be sure to check out our stitch guide to help you learn knew stitches -- there are some really helpful video tutorials that can help you with your crochet baby patterns.

Your favorite little one will love the softness of the crochet project that you made just for him or her. Take a look around at our crochet patterns for babies and kids; you're sure to be inspired.